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  • Instruction book is included. Learn how to safely inject hyaluronic acid.
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Nose Shaping, Slimming Hyaluronic Acid Gel

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Product Description


  • The liquid nose job removes the bump and creates a shapelier, balanced and attractive nose by injection of hyaluronic acid, resulting an injectable rhinoplasty. Bring the nose up, for shaping, bridge straightening, nose shaper.
  • An attractive nose has a straight bridge and a tip that is not too wide. The nose tip should turn up slightly.
  • Shaping, slimming needle included.
  • 3 mL
  • Duration: 1 year.
  • Made in Canada.


• Indications

Fillers in small quantities can treat nose deformities and can fine-tune a nose after surgery. In addition, patients who do not desire surgery or who are not surgical candidates can benefit from nose fillers, bump removal, and bridge slimming.

• Administration Technique

When injecting a low area of the nose, it is best to start deep on the bone or cartilage and administrater with a threading movement.

Nose Bump

A nose bump can be straightened by injecting above and below the bump to straighten the nose profile. For a wide nose, administration should be placed along the nose ridge to give the illusion of a higher and narrower nose profile. The reshaping needle should be used to remove the nose bump or to slim a wide bridge.

Saddle Nose Deformity

To correct a saddle nose deformity, administration should be placed to produce a smooth, straight profile from the nose bone to the nose tip.

Crooked Noses

A twisted nose will usually wind in a C or S shape onto either side of the midline. Filling in the low spots will cause the nose to appear straighter.

Drooping Nose Tip

When there is a droopy tip, a more defined tip can be created by placing filler depot instillations into the low area of the nose. The filler can better define the tip of the nose.

• Precautions

If there are large pores in the area being instilled, the needle should be passed deeper to prevent filler from ejecting through the pores.

Over­instillation of a given area can cause blanching or compression of the blood vessels in the area.

• After Care Instructions

Ice and pressure help to prevent bruising. Hyaluronic acid in the nose will swell and feel firmer during the first week, and then the gel will blend in more naturally within 2 to 4 days.





Fig. (a) Nose bump. Filler can be placed above and below a bump to straighten the side profile. (b) Saddle nose. A low area of the nose, seen in the saddle nose deformity, can be improved with filler.


Fig. 46.1  (c) Crooked nose. Filler should be placed along the bone or cartilage in the inside aspect of the nose sidewall to give the appearance of a straight nose. Administrations along the right nose sidewall improve a mildly crooked nose.




Fig. 46.(d) Droopy nose tip. Filler can be used to raise up a droopy nose tip.

  nose-1.png       nose-2.png

Fig. (a) Mild right lateral nose sidewall depression after a surgical nose correction. (b) Improvement of right sidewall depression by placing filler in the low area.

• Administration Tips

Under-correction is recommended for the nose. Patients who have previously had a surgical nose job often have a compromised the blood supply to the nose skin.

Product Videos

Non Surgical Nose Job | Mini Rhinoplasty Using Dermal Filler Injections (01:58)
Nose reshaping is no more a difficult thing to do with the non-surgical nose job done using hyaluronic acid fillers. At CosmeDocs, we have the expert and experienced practitioners who perform this lunchtime non-surgical nose job within 15-20 minutes after which you can resume your daily routine activities without any problem. This mini-rhinoplasty is used to enhance the shape of the nose with minimum downtime and very few yet temporary side effects. The non-invasive nose reshaping procedure is done in our clinic. Before conducting the procedure, a comprehensive consultation session is provided by our expert practitioner to the patients. Local anesthetic is given to the patient in order to minimize any discomfort or pain during the nose reshaping treatment. The hyaluronic acid fillers also have anaesthetic qualities which help in reducing the pain. The points which need corrections are precisely marked and then small quantities of chosen filler are injected into the pre-market points on the nose. This mini-rhinoplasty procedure can be used for correction of bumps or humps, raising the nasal bridge in Asian noses, correction of any saddle deformities, non-surgical nasal contouring and to raise the nasal tip. Note that it does not help if you want to reduce the size of your nose. The common side effects of non-invasive nose reshaping treatment include redness, slight swelling and bruising at injection sites which usually subsides in few hours or days. The effects of the treatment are noticeable immediately after the treatment however full effects take few days to show up completely. The patients can have the non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment during their lunch time and can return back to their work without having any issues. At CosmeDocs we ensure to make the whole procedure as painless and comfortable as possible and to give you the best results to compliment your facial profile. Feel free to contact us anytime on these contact details for further information; Cosmedocs Ltd  10 Harley Street London,W1G9PF United Kingdom  Contact # 08008600178 | 03330551503 http://www.cosmedocs.com  http://www.cosmedocs.co.uk  Follow us at:    Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmeSurg Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/cosmedocs Twitter  https://twitter.com/cosmedocs Instagram  http://www.instagram.com/cosmedocs/
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